SMALP network  
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Welcome to the SMALP Community

We offer polymers and methods to support the growing community of scientists and companies interested in the preparation and analysis of membrane discs formed by polymers including styrene maleic acid for biological research and drug discovery applications.

For XIRAN SMA polymer samples please contact us.

We bring together academic and industry experts, postdocs and students who are intereseted in membrane protein structural biology, lipidomics, proteomics, target discovery and biophysical analysis of bilayers and amphipathic polymers.

The SMALP community includes industry and academic researchers including students and postdocs. All are invited to join in our annual conference, workshop and discussion of how to use and develop the SMALP system.

The next annual SMALP Conference will be held in the USA in March 2020, and a SMALP meeting is also being planned in Birmingham, UK.

We welcome students, postdocs, technicans and established researchers from academia and industry to join us in lively discussions and debate about the latest advances in native nanodiscs, membrane proteins, polymer chemistry, lipid biophysics structural biology, and applications for drug discovery and energy sectors.